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Add length, volume and thickness to existing lashes with a beautiful synthetic lash product that are practically undetectible to you or anyone else. Bella Lei is proud to offer and be certified in NaturalLash eyelash extensions. For more information, please see the Q&A section below:


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Lash Extensions are the perfect way to enhance your eyes, making them look bigger and more expressive. Please schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals with a certified technician before considering lash extensions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before visiting a Certified NaturaLash eyelash extension technician, we highly recommend reading the following frequently asked questions.


What are NaturaLash Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are single synthetic lashes that are attached to each of your individual eyelashes, one at a time, with a minute amount of special long-lasting NaturaLash Black or Clear Adhesive.  If correctly applied, they are practically undetectable to you or anyone else.  They will add length, thickness, and fullness that can’t be achieved with traditional makeup. 


How long do Eyelash Extensions last?

Eyelash extensions are on ongoing service. They must be “Refilled” every 2 to 5 weeks depending on many factors including your lifestyle, skin type, etc. At the Refill service, the technician will remove (not trim) any lashes that have grown out or become loose with a special Adhesive Remover.  New extensions will also be applied until the eyelashes are full and complete.  They do require some maintenance and aftercare instructions must be followed for best results.  Ask your Certified NaturaLash Technician for more information on aftercare procedures and products that will help extend the longevity of your lush new lashes.


How long does it take to apply a full set of Eyelash Extensions?

A nice full application of NaturaLash Eyelash Extensions will take any where from 1 ½ to 3 or more hours depending on your technician’s skill level and experience. This is a very tedious, time consuming procedure if done correctly, but the results are definitely worth it!


How many Eyelash Extensions are applied on each eye?

NaturaLash Certified Technicians are taught to apply at least 30 to 60 or more extensions per eye. The result is long, beautiful, and natural looking, lush eyelashes. Remember that you are limited to the number of natural eyelashes available that eyelash extensions can attach to. Even sparse eyelashes will be greatly enhanced with NaturaLash Eyelash Extensions!


Do Eyelash Extensions hurt?

No. If correctly applied, the products do not contact your skin and you won’t even notice that you are wearing them. The application procedure is painless; they are not "woven" in and there are no punctures in the skin.


How much do Eyelash Extensions cost?

(See above) The fees for professional eyelash extensions vary according to your location and technician.  In general, prices range from $200 to $600 with an average fee of $250-$350 for the initial set. 

Refill fees will be determined by each technician. Some will charge per extension or by time.  It is very important to know that all client’s have different needs.  Lifestyle, weather (humidity, extreme cold and heat), and swimming play a part in the longevity of your lashes.  At the first refill, usually 2 weeks after the initial set, your technician will be able to determine a schedule of appointments to keep your new lashes looking great.


How do I know if the person offering Eyelash Extensions is qualified?

Ask for a certificate or proof of training. (Certified NaturaLash Technicians undergo extensive training with ongoing support by our experienced instructors.) Ask for a portfolio of close up before and after photos; the extensions should be undetectable. Check for undesirable clumps of adhesive which means poor technique. Extensions should be applied to a single natural eyelash - one on one. Ask how long the initial application takes and how many extensions are applied. A full set should be at least 30-60 extensions per eye, (depending on the number of natural eyelashes available) and will require around 1 1/2 to 3 hours (or more) to apply a nice full set. Be sure the technician is appropriately licensed in the beauty or healthcare industry and carries liability insurance.


How can I make eyelash extensions last longer?

Your Certified NaturaLash Technician will review aftercare instructions with you and suggest products that will help you maintain your new eyelashes. Constantly rubbing your eyes or cleaning them vigorously will certainly decrease their longevity. Do not use any oil containing cleansers or waterproof mascara (We do not recommend using mascara but do have special mascara which is available through your NaturaLash Technician).


Will Eyelash Extensions make my own eyelashes fall out?

Not if the eyelash extensions are applied correctly, but your natural lashes do shed every 30-120 days (according to different sources). Incorrect application can increase shedding and loss. Our certified technicians learn correct application in workshops where they are required to understand and show proficiency in applying and removing the extensions. Our clients have worn NaturaLash Eyelash Extensions for years with no need for a "break". Proper application is the key to prevent damage. 


Can I swim with Eyelash Extensions?

Most people will be able to swim and enjoy water activities. Swimming can shorten the life of the extensions for some people. Everyone is different. Showering with hot water can also affect the extensions. The adhesives are waterproof but the hair shafts absorb water which can loosen the adhesive bond. Unfortunately, there is not a correct answer for everyone. As with all skin, hair, makeup or body products, everyone can react differently to the same product.


My eyelashes are sparse, will Eyelash Extensions make my lashes look thicker?

Your existing eyelashes will appear thicker but you are limited to the number of eyelashes that you have. A Certified NaturaLash Technician who has developed or learned advanced techniques, may be able to help you achieve a fuller look.


I do not have any eyelashes. Can I get Eyelash Extensions?

No. The extensions must have hairs to adhere to but your technician may be able to help you with strip eyelashes and makeup techniques.


Can I wear mascara with Eyelash Extensions?

One of the biggest benefits of wearing eyelash extensions is that you’ll no longer need mascara!  Many people still like to apply mascara and we have a special mascara to use with extensions. Just ask your Naturalash Technician. (FYI - it is also a great mascara for the lower eyelashes because it lasts and does not "smudge" easily, yet washes off with water or our Special Eye Makeup Remover)


What lengths of lash extensions are available?

Naturalash Eyelash Extensions are available in 10 sizes from 6 mm to 15 mm long.  This give you the ability to choose a natural to very dramatic look.  We offer 4 different eyelash widths (1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, and .25mm) in two different curls (Girly curl and Natural Curl).


Do you offer different colored Eyelash Extensions?

You can choose a color to accent your clothes, eyes, shoes, whatever!  We carry Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, and fun colors like Green, Blue, Purple, and Red.