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Relax as you sit back in a state-of-the-art pedicure spa and enjoy a vigorous water massage on you feet and a shiatsu chair massage on your back - pure heaven. The pampering continues with a full pedicure and light massage to your feet. Consider the Foot Masque if you want the ultimate spa pedicure experience, it's deep hydration is a must for anyone with dry, calloused feet.

  • Bella Pedicure


  • Bella Deluxe Pedicure


  • No-Chip Pedicure


  • Toe Polish Change




Your hands can quickly tell a person a lot about you. What would someone think if they shook your hand or saw them in passing? Our nail technicians can help you maintain well groomed, beautiful hands and nails that portray an image of cleanliness and professionalism. All nail services include shaping, pushing cuticles, buffing, nipping, hand massage and finish polish or oil. The Spa Treatment add-on service (Warm Paraffin & Hand Peel Treatment) is the ultimate finish to keep your hands soft and healthy for weeks.

  • Gentleman Nail Grooming


  • Bella Deluxe Manicure


  • French Polish (add-on)


  • Nail Art (add-on)


  • Natural Nail Polish Change




Most women can relate to the frustration of nicking a freshly groomed manicure while attempting to pull a pair of keys from a purse. Imagine your beautifully polished nails lasting up to 14 days. This cutting edge technology will provide durable nails and eye popping color that will last for weeks.

  • No-Chip Manicure


  • No-Chip Polish Change


  • No-Chip Soak Off




Formulated with a special blend of photo-reactive ingredients, Gel Nails are "cured" under an Ultra-Violet (UV) light. The end result is a much harder surface and nails that maintain their beautiful appearance significantly longer then traditional manicures.

  • Full Set


  • Nail Fill


  • Buff & Seal


  • Polish Change


  • Nail Repair (each)